Industrial Fire Protection

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Our Management Team

Shane O’Brien has been working in the fire protection business for 4 decades now. He started working with and for his dad at an early age, at 10 he started summer work cleaning the warehouse and trucks eventually working in the shop then in the field installing Halon systems. Through high school he would work after school doing a variety of things including drawings, system calculations, permit, and material delivery.  After school he performed service, maintenance and recharging of portable fire extinguishers and systems.  Along the way obtaining licenses and attending training and certification classes. Which still continues today.

Eamon O’Brien like Shane grew up around this business doing warehouse work cleaning trucks and pulling inventory for jobs.  Eamon has been active in the daily operations doing the day to day services as well as training all new hires in all aspects of the job. Eamon has attended many training classes over the years in fire extinguishers,  commercial kitchen hood ystems,  Industrial spray booth systems, clean agent systems,  fire alarm sytems and emergency lightning and exit signs. Eamon continues to attend and give training classes.

Joe Palmore has been a leader in the commercial kitchen exhaust services industry since 1988, when he became CEO of Industrial Steam Cleaning. He is the founder of the United States Academy of Kitchen Exhaust Specialists. Joe is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. He holds his Masters Degree in Public Administration.

Monika Quigley has 25 successful years in business management and information technology. She joined Industrial in June 2004 after serving 15 years at the World Bank and Development Gateway ans CIO and Head of Technology. Prior to that, Monika founded a software consulting company, DSS Inc., where she consulted with organizations such as the IMF and U.S. Department of Education to implement global information and knowledge systems.

Liem Tu is a certified Fire Protection Technician with over a decade experience owning and operating several restaurants before joining Industrial.  Liem is a key member of management team, provides fire protection consultation and training for our local offices nationwide.

Victor Perez is a USAKES certified instructor and has been Principal General Manager with Industrial since 1989.   Victor oversees the companies national training center, and holds certifications in fire protection and kitchen exhaust services.